We recently purchased a P Alert system for a high-end rental property to give us the confidence to rent short term without having to do meth tests before and after every rental event. We found Jamie and Alan great to talk to and they filled us in on how the system worked and the trialling that they had been through to develop the system. This gave us the confidence to purchase the system. We had had the property tested for Meth (with zero readings) when we first purchased and as such we wanted the most sensitive test level possible. When we received our first txt update we were surprised to get a PK reading of 1ppm. What did this mean? We searched the possibility that someone had Meth on their clothing that had entered the house, however the only people in the house had been myself and a professional colleague for 30 minutes during that week. We traced it back to a mat in the hallway that had been in a rental with a low meth reading while in was under the sale process (ie placed on carpet that would have had a low meth level, then placed in the tiled hallway of the new property.) Ever since we disposed of the mat the readings have been zero. We were impressed with the sensitivity and based on that experience recommend the system to home owners.

Kind Regards