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Product Information:

The P Alert Meth Alarm detects the smoking and / or manufacturing of methamphetamine in real time.

P Alert Meth Alarm will immediately send an "Alert Alarm Activation" to the designated mobile phone if methamphetamine is detected within the property.


  • Detects smoking and / or manufacturing of methamphetamine in real time
  • Detects PRIOR smoking and / or manufacture of methamphetamine
  • Fitted with two tamper alerts
  • Activation report function
  • Tamper report function
  • Motion report function
  • Weekly report function

With The P Alert Meth Alarm:

  • You can protect your property investment from meth contamination.
  • You can assure your tenants a meth free property.
  • And if the situation arises where the P Alert Meth Alarm detects meth you can take action on the data supplied and prevent damage to people and property.


  • Worldwide patent
  • FCC approved
  • Industry Canada approved
  • Talac ISO 9001
  • Origin: NZ

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