P Alert Innovation

Innovation comes from a single idea. A thought. A drawing. A plan. A schematic. A prototype. A product.

And the desire to work harder and smarter.

This kind of thinking has given the P Alert Alarm its point of difference.

The P Alert Alarm works by uncovering meth contamination where it has not been possible to do so before. Going behind the lines of what was impossible to possible. To now unlocking this unknown area. And shining a light on the situation.

The meth contamination problem in property is now Manageable. Measurable. Accountable. With the P Alert Alarm.

This alarm takes away the inaccuracy and manual labour of swab testing and revelutionalises a new way forward.

No swab testing
No onsite visits
No tenant disruption
No unknown factors related to meth contamination

This proactive alarm takes away the guess work. And supplies facts. Instantly.

What the P Alert Alarm delivers

24/7 meth monitoring
Actionable data

What this means to you
You can protect your property investment from meth contamination.

You can assure your tenants, the house is meth free.

And if the situation arises where the P Alert Alarm detects meth. You can take action on the data supplied and prevent damage to people and property.

The P Alert Alarm is the only meth detecting tool you will ever need.

For one payment you will secure your property and enable yourself to monitor for meth, where ever you may be.
While your on holiday
While your working
While your sleeping
While you're with your family.

The P Alert Alarm is always working.

Enabling your meth monitoring alarm is just one click away.

Do it now. Take action. Invest.


We will have your PAlert Alarm shipped and delivered within 5-10 working days of your order.

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